Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A fond memory

The house that I had just moved in was left vacant for a few years already. I was busy to make the house presentable again. After making the necessary adjustments and repairs, finally the house was nice and comfortable to live in. But then the compound was still ugly looking and I need much time to transform the compound into a lovely garden.

One evening, I was just back home from work. I was drinking a glass of water near the kitchen window when by chance my eyes came to focus to this frail little bird trying to find food in the grass. My instinct urged me to throw a slice of bread to the little bird. The poor bird saw the bread and went for it. I was so happy to see the little bird really enjoyed pecking and eating the bread.

It was not long after that; I saw more birds flew down to share the bread. Then I threw in more bread so that they could have enough to go around. From that evening, I made it a point to feed the birds. The sight of the birds enjoying their feed was worthy enough to compensate me the cost of a loaf of bread. After all a loaf of bread was only 50 cents then. I really admired them, from the little sparrow that first came, finally I saw at least 10 other species of birds came to feed every evening.

It was roughly about two months after I started feeding the birds that I saw something very amusing developing in my garden. Suddenly the trees in the garden were littered with bird nests, and small birds were starting to sing and cry from the nests. The garden became livelier with birds’ singing and frolicking in the trees.

I was so happy to learn something new from the short stay I was in that house. I have learnt that the birds can start a family if food was available for the family and for the little ones that were coming.

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